Die Erde bebt, Hauptstadt B., 2011
139.00 x 228.00
mixed technique on canvas

Die Obrigkeit kann mich mal, 2011 Berlin
205.00 x 150.00
mixed technique on canvas

Häuser besetzten und die Miete..., 2011 Berlin
200.00 x 149.00
mixed technique on canvas

American Boy, 2011
248.00 x 170.00
mixed technique on canvas

first comprehensive catalog of works and certification process (Werkverzeichnis und Zertifizierung


Since 2013, the Keil Collection Heidelberg (Wilhelm Kampik and Stephan Teuber) has been endeavoring to produce a register of all my works. As a result, whole collections have been certified. This certification process laid the foundation for a first comprehensive catalog of works.

My goal, with the support of the Keil Collection, is to finally provide clarity and to identify as forgeries the many dubious paintings offered on the art market as “genuine Keils” and, if possible, to remove them lastingly from the art trade.

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back in my berlin studio

New things are constantly emerging in Berlin, and with me, too: my raw material is color, my art is painting!

Here are some glimpses of my studio in Berlin.


In Berlin entsteht ständig Neues, so auch bei mir: mein Rohstoff heißt Farbe, meine Kunst ist Malerei!

Hier einige Einblicke in mein Berliner Atelier.

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